Facing the Yorkshire Ripper: The Art of Survival

This book offers an alternative account from the perspective of a survivor of the Yorkshire Ripper. It presents fresh insight into how a victim reclaimed her life. It includes a selection of unseen pictures that convey the author’s state of mind after the brutal attack and gives a new understanding of what it was like to live during Sutcliffe’s reign of terror.

It is a new and inspiring success story to add into this period of social history.

As a survivor of a brutal attack by the Yorkshire Ripper, this book gives fresh insight into the consequences of being labeled a victim of this notorious serial killer.

Mo was followed home by Peter Sutcliffe who a hit her over the head repeatedly with a hammer. She was stabbed with a screwdriver leaving her with life threatening injuries.

It reveals how Mo Lea has wrestled with the past and never quite come to terms with the well-trodden, morbid narrative. She has written a new, fresh perspective for the present day.

Her writing offers an alternative account, for her to be repositioned as a survivor with a success story.