About the Artist


Mo Lea

Born Liverpool 1959

I am from a working class background in Liverpool. Despite having been attacked by the Yorkshire Ripper I have had a very successful career.

I have experience in teaching in a range of institutions over the years ranging from Probation services, Junior, Secondary and Further and Higher Education at Masters level in the UK, USA, Malaysia, and in the South Pacific.

I am a practicing artist and throughout my teaching, I have exhibited new bodies of work every few years. I have exhibited in the cities where I have lived including London, Los Angeles and New York.

In my younger years I used drawing to express conditions of memory and trauma. I find the creative process both healing and calming.

Artist statement

Most of the images where produced during the 2020, pandemic lockdown. The calm isolation, during that period, gave me time to be drawn to beautiful things. My studio was a place of tranquility where I became totally absorbed in my art practice.

My attentiveness to detail is integral to my drawing process. Meticulous study is an essential requirement to ascertain a level of truth when representing these beautiful animals.

Drawing can be a process of preservation. When I draw, I choose what to retain, the birds, insects and animals are preserved in isolation, unhindered by context. As I translated these forms onto the surface of the paper, an absorbing and unique bond materialised between the creature and its replicator. As the reinvention and duplication took place, a new presence emerged in the artwork, as it took on a fresh new life of its own.